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Work Type: Full Time

Get to know our Team:

TreeDots is a platform that helps to redistribute unsold inventories in the F&B market from suppliers to businesses like restaurants, cafe etc. Through this platform, we aim to improve efficiency and productivity of F&B users to achieve more with less resources and preventing any unnecessary wastage. 

We are a venture backed growth stage startup team that is passionate about food and have a desire to make sure food is continuously produce in a sustainable way. Our culture is transparent, honest and direct where you will always know what's going on and why it furthers our mission. You will work closely with the Founders to build a technology that the world has yet to see.

We are serving the future of food and we are looking for champions to join us to deliver great value products to our users. You will be working in an agile and test driven development environment, given the autonomy to plan and design a perfect product for the industry that delights and engage the users. 

We are looking to create an innovative platform that helps to digitise the existing offline Business to Business (B2B) market which required the talents of the champions. Breaking this market with a digital platform is tough, and has yet to be cracked, but we believe with your talent, it can be done and it will be a rewarding experience.


Develop QA Processes and Procedures

Many of the duties that fall under the responsibility of the QA team lead involve establishing QA processes and procedures. This can include preparing documents that outline testing processes, generating use cases to ensure that testing captures the software or system’s functional requirements, and enacting test plans for new software products or updates to existing systems. The QA team lead also introduces and updates these processes in collaboration with their team and developers.

Direct QA Teams

QA team leads manage the day-to-day activities of QA team members, including scheduling and managing ongoing projects. They also conduct employee training and evaluation and may provide support during the hiring and onboarding process. QA team leads need to assess current testing needs and schedules and determine staffing needs to effectively conduct the testing. They also oversee team members’ work to ensure that they adhere to specifications.

Identify Bugs and Issues

QA team leads play an active role in software testing, following the processes and procedures that they developed and testing new and updated systems for bugs and other issues. The QA team lead may support compatibility testing, develop and utilize software to capture performance data, and evaluate individual aspects of the software or system including user interfaces and functional requirements.

Maintain Documentation

Throughout the development and QA process, QA team leaders maintain detailed documentation related to the software or system. These documents provide developers and engineers with vital information about software performance and issues and are used in future development work. QA documentation also ensures that systems are adequately tested and that all use cases are accounted for.

Manage Testing Schedules

QA team leads develop, enact, and manage testing schedules, ensuring that the QA team meets expectations and deadlines. These schedules tend to include specific elements of the software or system and frequently need to be completed before developers and engineers can continue with the next phase of development. QA team leads need to monitor team activities to ensure that they meet schedules, specifically when multiple projects are in process at once.

Coordinate Bug Fixes with Development Teams

Finally, QA team leads coordinate bug fixes and software enhancements with development and engineering teams. In some cases, the QA team lead may resolve some of these issues on their own and conduct further testing to ensure stability and usability, but more frequently they will report software and system issues to developers or engineers and test the next iteration of the software to ensure that those bugs have been eliminated.


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a test consultant/lead capacity
    • Strong understanding of SQA methodologies.
    • Understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology and working experience in an Agile environment is a must.
    • 5+ years experience with API testing.
    • Experience with automated QA software - cypress
    • Excellent communication and leadership skills are required.
    • Great attention to detail and ability to identify, isolate, and document defects
    • Experience in large-scale software deployments.
    • Ability to adapt to short sprint cycles (2 weeks)
    • Experience in the full software lifecycles from design to deployment
    • Excellent communication skills required and able to work independently
    • Ability to motivate people, instill accountability and achieve results
    • Top-notch communication, extremely organized, exemplary time management skills
    • Self-starter, able to succeed in a fast-paced work environment with a natural ownership mentality

  • Preferred Qualifications
    • 10+ years of proven experience

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