Senior DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

About the job Senior DevOps Engineer - Remote

TreeDots ensures that unsold food never goes to waste. We want it to make its way to businesses like restaurants, cafes and others that can benefit from it. Treedots wants the world to achieve more with less, and reduce precious food waste in order to reduce our already overtaxed food production environment and lessen the burden on the climate.

We accomplish this by building an innovative platform that digitises the existing offline Business to Business (B2B) process of connecting food suppliers to their purchasers who need regular food inventory to operate their businesses. This domain has never been broken into before with a software solution, and to this day most transactions are handled with pen and paper over the phone. We believe that our team will be the first one to succeed, and we have an exciting track record and trajectory of traction to prove that this is possible

With one foot in Southeast Asia and one in Silicon Valley, we are an Amasia VC venture-backed growth-stage startup with the ambitions of the next great tech success story. We believe that Treedots’ cause makes a real difference, and we are looking for more missionaries like us to step up to this important challenge. We have real, large paying customers and we are building a company on real business fundamentals.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, talented DevOps Engineer to join the engineering team at Treedots in Singapore or remotely anywhere around the world. You’ll be bringing your skills and expertise to design, build and scale our highly available and distributed SaaS platform and its numerous applications that make our business possible and essential to many.

You will be working in an Agile and test-driven environment, given the autonomy to decide the best way to design, ship and support the system. You will use the best tools for the job and follow industry best practices to ship a product that is truly valuable to our users and partners.

Some of our engineering focuses for 2021 are

  1. Build infrastructure and architecture that powers our application on all client platforms (web, iOS, Android)
  2. Enable a service-oriented architecture at TreeDots

In this role you will

  1. Design, develop, deliver and support TreeDots development tools and infrastructure with various tools like in Kubernetes, Dockers, CircleCI and more.
  2. Work closely with the Solution Architect, Data Scientists, ML Engineer to build a state-of-the-art and highly scalable architecture
  3. Testing and examing code written by the engineering team and analyzing their results in ensuring the team ships only high quality codes
  4. Ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
  5. Identify technical problems, developing and refining processes through software updates and fixes
  6. Work closely with the engineering team to ensure that development follows the established processes created by you

You will do it by

  1. Being part of an agile, multidisciplinary team. You bring your own unique skill set to the table and collaborate with others to accomplish your team’s goals.
  2. Efficiently prioritizing your work with the team and its product owner, weighing both the business and technical value of each task.
  3. Experimenting, testing, trying, failing, succeeding and learning incessantly.

Your first week at TreeDots

  1. You will build and run TreeDots on your development environment
  2. You will get to know your teammates and join our delivery rituals
  3. You will ship your first small fix to improve our processes so the product can be ship to thousands of users without issue

Your first month at TreeDots

  1. You will ship a meaningful change to an existing feature
  2. You will review your team’s PRs and suggest improvements
  3. You will ship code part of a new feature release from your team

Your first six months at TreeDots

  1. You will start mentoring more junior Treedots engineers based on all you’ve learned so far
  2. You will design, deliver and own an entire processs of our infrastructure
  3. You will determine and decide upon the technical direction of TreeDots with your team

Minimum Requirements

  1. You have a track record of 3 years with engineering teams that rapidly ship high-quality mobile or web-based software that solves important problems for large numbers of users, focusing on the area of DevOps. Having done this in a startup context is a plus.
  2. You are excellent and strong in Computer Science fundamentals and have great competencies in algorithms and data structures
  3. You have up-to-date knowledge of modern programming paradigm
  4. You have experience conducting code reviews, providing constructive and empathetic feedback to other engineers.
  5. You have great communication skills and proven ability to work as part of a tight-knit team.
  6. You are highly accountable and take ownership. We are a startup and we expect every team member to be able to work without constant supervision.

Bonus points for:

  1. You are awe-inspiring at either AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, CircleCI or any similar technologies
  2. You have worked and thrived in a distributed team context before.


  1. Excellent career progression with huge growth potential
  2. Flexible working arrangements
  3. Nurturing and dynamic global team
  4. Opportunity to put your skills in solving a real environmental problem

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