Senior Data Analyst

Work Type: Full Time

About the job Senior Data Analyst

TreeDots ensures that unsold food never goes to waste. We want it to make its way to businesses like restaurants, cafes and others that can benefit from it. Treedots wants the world to achieve more with less, and reduce precious food waste in order to reduce our already overtaxed food production environment and lessen the burden on the climate.

We accomplish this by building an innovative platform that digitises the existing offline Business to Business (B2B) process of connecting food suppliers to their purchasers who need regular food inventory to operate their businesses. This domain has never been broken into before with a software solution, and to this day most transactions are handled with pen and paper over the phone. We believe that our team will be the first one to succeed, and we have an exciting track record and trajectory of traction to prove that this is possible

With one foot in Southeast Asia and one in Silicon Valley, we are an Amasia VC venture-backed growth-stage startup with the ambitions of the next great tech success story. We believe that Treedots’ cause makes a real difference, and we are looking for more missionaries like us to step up to this important challenge. We have real, large paying customers and we are building a company on real business fundamentals.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, talented Senior Data Analust to join the data team at Treedots in Singapore. You’ll be bringing your skills and expertise to design, build and scale our highly available and distributed SaaS platform and its numerous applications that make our business possible and essential to many.

You will be working in an Agile and test-driven environment, given the autonomy to work closely with different departments to generate insights and reports to help them monitor and grow the business. You will use the best tools for the job and follow industry best practices to gather insights that are beneficial to our users and partners.

Some of our data focuses for 2022 are

1. To become a highly data driven organization where all decisions are made based on data

2. Each department to be empowered with a data dashboard for their daily review

In this role you will

1. Be the expert in using data to measure and analyze business performance in Singapore market and lines of business.

2. Explore business issues/opportunities, uncover insights and/or identify targeted areas for business growth.

3. Partner with management and business team to deep dive on core issues and use our data to find answers.

4. Analyze operational efficiency and build business models to guide decision-making. Sensitive to catch business signals and build up analytical framework.

5. Collaborate with various expert teams to rollout effective products/services and to expand data for building richer insights. Lead new data analytics capability rollouts and/or data-led initiatives throughout TreeDots.

6.  Design market/business intelligence reports and performance measurement dashboards to share with senior management. Monitor key metrics and alert the business on potential issues.

7. Daily/Weekly/monthly performance analysis to monitor the performance of business, to locate risk and to discover potential business opportunities.

8. Perform ad-hoc business analysis, to drill down on certain business challenges, providing conclusions and advice based on data analysis.

9. Help summarizing data analysis requirements to conduct data application projects.

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s/Master Degree, preferably in Analytics, statistics, mathematics or business/marketing management

2. 3-8 years of working experience in business performance analysis reporting, data analysis, with independent thoughts and insight.

3. Experience in business, strategy and/or tech consulting would be an advantage

4. Ability to perceive opportunities from data

5. Experienced SQL skill, as well as basic analytical tool such as SAS, SPSS etc

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